• Summertime Fun and Your Oral Health

  • summer beach Gresham dentistSimilar to fingerprints, your teeth are different and unique.  They are uniquely shaped, have various grooves and narrow crevices, and never match another’s.  These crevices however, easily become vulnerable when you don’t brush and floss your teeth.  With summer officially here, our Gresham dentist knows how easy it can be to forget about your teeth when late nights by the campfire or long baseball games put you off your normal hygiene routine.  So let’s talk about how you can protect your teeth throughout the summer as well as the rest of the year.


    Dental Sealants

    One of the best ways to protect your teeth is with dental sealants from your Gresham dentist office.  The sealant protects your teeth, but is not an ultimate guarantee that tooth decay won’t occur.  You need to be sure to visit our office for your regular appointment every six months.  Proper brushing and flossing techniques play a part, as well.  Dental sealants are a Preventive Dentistry service that serves to decrease the chance of cavities forming in those deep ruts in your teeth and on the surfaces.


    Healthy Food Choices

    We know how tempting those s’mores can be when you are sitting around a bonfire.  Treat yourself every once in a while, but be careful to not make a habit of consuming treats high in sugar too often.  Also, when you do splurge on dessert, make sure you brush and floss to help remove the sugar from your teeth.  Wash sweets down with a large glass of water so the sugar is somewhat removed from your teeth until you can get to your toothbrush.  Opt instead for healthy treats like apples, fresh summer berries, and other foods that add nutritional value.


    Remember your back teeth

    Our Gresham dentist most often sees cavities form on patients’ back molars and teeth.  Teeth should be brushed for at least 2 minutes; or 30 seconds per quadrant of your mouth.  Let your jaw go a bit slack in order for your toothbrush to reach the very back molars in your mouth.  This way, this often overlooked area of your teeth won’t suffer through having a cavity filled.


    If you are concerned about your oral health regimen, talk with us at your next appointment.  We love educating patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques.  Working as a team, with regular appointments and brushing and flossing, we can prevent cavities from taking over and spend more time enjoying the summer.  Check out our Facebook page for more information or give us a call with any questions.