• Do I need a Dental Implant?

  • Dental Implant Gresham dentistIt’s rotten when your summer has to be interrupted by tooth pain.  It keeps you up at night, and even ruins your appetite while tempting summer treats cause sensitivity issues.  So what is causing your tooth to hurt?  Luckily, our Gresham dentist is on hand to help diagnose the pain and get you back to your fun-filled summer activities.  It’s possible the pain is due to a cavity, which requires a simple filling.  However, at times, the problem could be larger, necessitating the need for a dental implant. 

    The good news is that our Gresham dentist is highly skilled and experienced in providing dental implants.  And with various ways to make you comfortable, the procedure is nearly pain-free.  A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth.  It is used when an adult tooth has died or been severely compromised due to an injury or accident.  The old tooth is removed to prevent infection and the implant is implanted so you don’t suffer bite problems and TMJ issues down the road.


    Are there side effects to a dental implant?

    There are not.  In fact, without a dental implant, you would have side effects.  When a tooth is missing problems arise that cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  Additionally, if a tooth is absent, your other surrounding teeth will move as they are no longer being supported by their neighboring tooth.  This causes your tooth alignment to malfunction and can create a need for braces.  Cleaning the implant that our Gresham dentist put in is no different than regular brushing and flossing; and of course, regular dental exams help, too.


    How does a dental implant work?

    The implant consists of a post which is surgically implanted into your bone.  Over time, the post will fuse to your bone creating a strong base for your replacement tooth.  The post is fitted with a crown.  The crown is designed to look exactly like your original tooth.  This is put over the post and blends naturally with your own existing teeth.


    If tooth pain has you distraught this summer, don’t hesitate to give our Gresham dentist office a call.  Whether it is a minor or major issue, we’ll walk you through our available services in order to keep your smile looking great.  The longer you wait, the more damage and decay your tooth will experience.  Our preventative and restorative dental services will allow you to barely miss a beat and you’ll be back at the beach in no time.  For more information regarding our services, visit our Facebook page or give us a call.