• Why Are Lasers In Dentistry So Great?

  • We’ve all known for some time now that lasers have widespread applications, and the field of medicine is no exception. Lasers are being used to perform many different types of medical surgeries, and eye surgeries as well.

    In the field of dentistry, lasers have come on the scene a little later, and with mixed outcomes. The newest type, the CO2 laser, is the cutting edge laser for dental applications. Unlike the water lasers, or the more archaic electo-surge, the CO2 laser, called the Solea, uses wavelengths exactly the same as the hydroxyapatite and collagen that make up your tooth structure.

    The Solea laser can be used to prepare teeth for dental fillings, to accomplish gum surgeries, to relieve tight frenums, and many other tasks. In our office, we use the laser every single day, on most patients. Here are my favorite reasons to have laser dentistry whenever possible.

    First, usually no anesthetic is required when the laser is used. The use of the laser provides an analgesic effect, and at most, patients experience a cold sensation that is quite tolerable. This means no fear of the needle, no being numb for half the day or night, and you can also tell the dentist right away if the new filling feels correct in your bite. Huge perks.

    Secondly, the laser works on gum tissue without causing any bleeding. This is nothing short of miraculous. So many procedures can be done by the laser dentist now, with no fear of a huge mess, tons of sutures to remove, nasty scars, and so forth. This application alone can save you a trip to an expensive specialist, and patients report they feel like they maybe have a pizza burn for a day or two, at most.

    The Solea laser has a very small footprint, and can be moved from room to room. It is quiet, so patients do not have to listen to the drill for the majority of their visit. It can be used to remove unwanted gingival pigmentation, to remove stain from teeth, to treat sores in the mouth, and many other amazing applications.

    In short, if you have the chance to have some or all of your dental work done by a dentist who uses the Solea laser, the choice is a no-brainer. This new laser has removed virtually every barrier to receiving dental care. Truly a modern-day miracle, in this dentist’s opinion!