• Bye-bye Drill, Hello SOLEA

  • Do you hate the sound of a dental drill? Does the pain that comes from traditional dental drilling leave you running for anesthesia? Are you tired of being pricked by needles of novocaine? Well, say hello to Solea, the pain-free dental laser that replaces the traditional dental drill. 

    What Exactly is Solea?

    Developed by Convergent Dental in Boston, Massachusetts, Solea is a super-advanced laser used for dental procedures. Convergent Dental used over 30 years of research to create Solea. Sophisticated computers guide laser light energy to perform safe and practically pain-free dental procedures on gums and teeth. No drills. No needles. A truly unique dental experience.

    Who Can Use Solea?

    Solea has been FDA approved for use on children and infants. Even the most invasive procedures, like a frenectomy, that tend to require anesthesia can be done without it using Solea. It replaces the majority of procedures our practice performs. The Solea All-Tissue Laser can take the place of more painful methods usually used to perform same-day crown lengthening and many other procedures. 

    Solea is Safer

    Not only does Solea provide a practically pain-free quiet dental experience, but it is also safer than a traditional dental drill. With Solea, there are no drills or vibrations that can splatter bacteria and viruses. A high-speed handpiece with HVE sends particles flying all over the place. A laser procedure that produces virtually zero aerosols that could be carrying viruses and germs means we all stay a lot safer and healthier. Now, more than ever, we need to be safe and considerate of those around us. 

    Less Anxiety with Solea

    Less pain, more gain. The pressure, pain, and noises all associated with traditional dental drills can cause a lot of unwanted anxiety during your dental visit. This anxiety and pressure make for an unpleasant experience. There is no anxiety-ridden knee-jerk reaction to Solea because it is a silent pain-free laser.