• Intraoral Cameras – How We Use Them and Why

  • When you visit us at Hoodview Dental, we like to make sure your oral health is in top shape. To do so, we will want to take pictures of the inside of your mouth to keep on file so we can track your progress, or regression, over time. To achieve this we don’t use a polaroid or camera phone. No, we implement an intraoral camera. 

    What is an intraoral camera?
    Instead of a wide-lensed camera, we use one that was specially made to capture pictures of the inside of your mouth. An Intraoral camera is designed to get just the right angles so we can keep track of how your teeth and oral hygiene are doing. It is so sensitive that it can pick up tiny details before they grow and become terribly painful. We can get the images right there and then in our office while you are sitting in the chair. 

    How Do You Use an Intraoral Camera?
    It is quite painless. The specially designed dental intraoral camera is inserted in your mouth while the technician takes pictures. It can be maneuvered to capture images on all sides of your teeth – top and bottom. It is also good at capturing any irregularities in your gums or other mouth tissue. 

    Why Use an Intraoral Camera?
    There are a few reasons why we use an intraoral camera. The first is that it allows us to track the progression of your oral health over time. The high resolution allows us to take very detailed pictures so we can notice the slightest of changes. 

    Another benefit of using an intraoral camera is that we can see the images in real-time. With the use of a flash, we can highlight darker areas to get a better view of what is going on. And we can share that information with you while you’re in the chair. 

    And with most digital images, it is a breeze to copy and send the images to a different dental specialist or ear, nose, and throat doctor. Instead of waiting for the film to develop and sending the pictures in traditional mail, we can quickly and easily send the images to whomever you would like. 

    At Hoodview Dental we take pride in providing our patients with the best service and cutting-edge technology. The intraoral camera allows us to provide you with the best service possible. We wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t safe and great for our patients.