• Fillings – No More Silver Teeth

  • Back in the day dentists used a mixture of metals called silver amalgam to fill the space in a tooth that decay took away. That practice has widely been replaced by using white composite fillings. While they are commonly called “white composite fillings,” the truth is they are actually tooth-colored to match your natural teeth. Plastic or ceramic may be used in white composite fillings. 

    Now, to make sure your white composite fillings remain tooth colored and match your existing teeth, it is crucial for you to floss and brush twice a day – preferably after meals. We recommend using American Dental Association-approved products to do so. That is the best way to prevent a build-up of harmful bacteria in your mouth that could lead to discoloration and further decay. 

    As for foods that are safe to eat, you can practically treat your white composite fillings like your normal teeth. Keep in mind that a good and balanced diet is not just good for your overall health, but directly affects your oral health as well. Foods high in sugar – especially sticky ones or hard candies your suck on for a long period of time – are not the best choice for long-term oral health. Staying properly hydrated helps keep your mouth healthy as well. A dry mouth can let bacteria grow while a well-hydrated one helps wash away food particles and bacteria. Also, foods dense in minerals and vitamins can help keep your teeth strong and looking nice. 

    Just because the rotting tooth matter has been removed and replaced with a lovely white composite filling doesn’t mean you can skip the trip to the dentist’s office. On the contrary, it is best to keep regular visits so the dentist can make sure nothing has loosened or catch any sort of discoloration that could be managed. Visiting a board-certified Gresham dentist every 6 months is the best way to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. 

    Don’t be shy. We see people with all kinds of mouths and can’t be scared away. Let us take a look at some of your older silver fillings and determine if exchanging them for white composites may be a good choice. Sometimes the older silver fillings can let bacteria get stuck and lead to decay around the edges. If that is the case, we may suggest removing the decay as well as the silver filling and replacing it with a white composite one. They will fit perfectly and not shine the way silver fillings can. 

    If you’re considering replacing your old silver fillings with white composites that can blend seamlessly, give us a call at (503) 328-6388 to schedule a consultation. We enjoy taking care of the Gresham, Damascus, Portland, Fairview, and Troutdale communities. Don’t wait, come visit us and see how easy it can be to have the smile you always wanted!