• Crowns – Not Just for the Royals

  • crown woman looking

    Kings, queens, princes, and princesses might wear crowns, but many common folks wear them as well on a daily basis. While royalty wears their crowns on their heads, the rest of the world wears different kinds of crowns on our teeth. 

    Dental crowns are like little caps for your teeth. Originally, back around 200 AD, gold was used to make dental crowns. Today, there are other options. Crowns can be made to fit over your tooth out of porcelain, metal alloys, ceramics, or composite resin. 

    Crowns are a great option when the structure of the tooth has been weakened. They stabilize the tooth and allow it to be used as usual. It can also be used to fix the appearance of a broken or deformed tooth. 

    After a root canal, a crown can be used to strengthen the tooth since the decaying part has been removed. By covering the tooth it is protected the enamel from further decay. And when partial dentures or bridges are placed, crowns are used to support and anchor these structures. 

    And the great thing about crowns is that they take no real change in your daily oral hygiene habits. All you have to do is continue brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and floss. Be sure to use American Dental Association-approved products to properly clean your mouth.

    If you have the need to cover up some misshapen teeth or take care of cavities, bridges, and partial dentures the correct way, crowns are your best bet to get the job done right.