• Oral Surgery

  • Oral Surgery services are offered at Hood View Dental.  

    In addition to all routine simple and surgical extractions, we remove both upper and lower wisdom teeth and perform several types of gum surgeries.
    Even if your wisdom teeth are not yet in your mouth, oftentimes we can remove them for you at a substantial savings over a specialty office.  
    Dr. Reichlein can also perform shot-free frenectomies (when you’re tongue-tied, or your lips are pulling on your gums), remove fibromas (tissue nodules) without shots, and treat aphtous ulcers with her Solea laser.  
    The Solea laser can even remove unwanted gum pigmentation, and the results can last for several years!  
    With Solea, we can uncover implants that are underneath gum tissue, and expose them for restorations, as well.