• Dental Implants

  • A dental implant involves a post which acts as a synthetic root.  The post is surgically threaded into the bone and acts as the base to your new tooth.   A crown then is fastened to the post. The crown is designed to look like one of your natural teeth, thus a great fix to your smile.  An implant is used when a patient has a missing tooth or teeth. Call our Hood View Dental team at (503) 328-6388 to see if dental implants are a solution to restoring your smile.

    Can I get dental implants?

    A dental implant is a great solution for nearly anyone who’s missing one or more teeth.  Considerations are taken regarding your oral health and situation to ensure the implant will hold and provide the root support and functionality your mouth needs.  At Hood View Dental, if you are a candidate for implants, we make sure our patients:

    • Commit to a great oral hygiene routine
    • Have plenty of bone structure to hold the implant post
    • Attend regular dental exams
    • Have good, healthy gums

    Your oral health will be examined in order to determine if an implant will work for you.   Heavy smokers, health issues, and past or present radiation therapy may make you an unsuitable candidate for dental implants.  In these cases, alternative solutions to missing teeth can include dentures or a dental bridge. Regardless of your situation, our Gresham dentist will find the best solution for your smile.

    Why do I need a dental implant?

    A number of issues can cause you to need a dental implant.  Implants replace a missing tooth and have some great benefits.  If you are considering getting an implant or two, here are some important attributes to note:

    • Comfort - Implants are more comfortable than dentures and bridges as they are placed individually.
    • Strength - They are stronger than the alternative dental apparatuses.
    • Hygiene – Patients can continue to floss and brush as if the teeth were natural.
    • Appearance – Implants most closely resemble your natural teeth.

    When our Gresham dentist patients receive a dental implant they find that eating, drinking, talking, and their oral hygiene routine is no different than if they still had all of their teeth.

    How can I get dental implants?

    The first step in getting a dental implant is to consult with our Gresham dentist to determine if implants will work.  You can schedule a consultation appointment with our dentist or talk with our Hood View Dental staff to learn more about implants.  

    Caring for your dental implants

    The continued practice of a good oral hygiene regimen is necessary.  Brush your teeth and twice every day and remember to floss daily. Additionally, make sure to show up for your bi-yearly exam with our Gresham dentist.  At each exam, we’ll observe how your implant is functioning and correct any issues if necessary.

    Call us at Hood View Dental to schedule a dental implant consultation.  Our team will help you decide if implants are right for you or if another solution will preserve your smile best.