• Family Dentistry

  • Our Gresham dentist and team at Hood View Dental excel at providing the best dental care in Oregon for you and your family.  Expertly trained to treat patients of any age, we are the preferred Gresham dentist office for families. Have the entire family treated by the best Gresham dentist and save time running from one practice to the next.  Our friendly, helpful staff is a family; working cohesively to deliver exceptional oral health care. We cater to the dental needs of families from Gresham, Fairview, Troutdale, Portland, and Damascus as well as their surrounding areas.  Join our family and experience the precision and comfort your family deserves.

    We love working with parents, grandparents, guardians, and children to create healthy smiles that the entire family can enjoy.  When everyone works together encouraging oral health, everyone benefits. Lay the groundwork for great oral hygiene and call our office today!

    The Dental Examination

    The American Dental Association recommends regular dental examinations every six months for adults and children.  The duration of the exam consists of a professional cleaning by our experienced hygienist as well as an exam performed by our Gresham dentist.  Dr. Reichlein inspects the oral cavity for tooth decay, signs of gum disease, and looks for any damaged or broken teeth. Additionally, all patients are screened for oral cancer symptoms and temporomandibular joint disorders.  The culmination of our exam procedure allows us to access your oral health and create a personalized oral treatment plan specific to your needs.

    X-Rays are utilized to ensure your bones and teeth are healthy below the gum line.  Typically, we recommend X-Rays to be taken once every year. This helps our Gresham dentist and staff detect cavities, abnormal lesions, and premature bone loss early.  The earlier a problem is diagnosed the easier it is to remedy the situation.

    At every visit, before any procedure begins, we discuss with you our action plan and how it relates to your oral health care treatment plan.  We want our patients to understand the end goal and the steps needed to accomplish that goal. This open communication provides you with information about our services so that you understand how each service will benefit your health.

  • Dental Cleaning

    The leading causes of tooth loss are dental decay and bone loss, or periodontitis.  Professional cleanings every 6 months are encouraged so as to prevent or slow the progression of decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis.  

    Aside from regular cleanings and dental examinations, good oral hygiene at home is essential.  Brush your teeth twice each day and floss daily to keep the teeth free of plaque and bacteria. Drinking water and avoiding stain-causing foods are other necessary tactics to keep your gums and teeth in good condition.  Talk with our Gresham dentist about any concerns you have at your upcoming appointment, or give our office a call so you know how to properly care for your gums and teeth.

  • Contact Us

    If you are looking for an exceptional dentist in the Gresham area, give us a call to make an appointment at (503) 328-6388.   Our relaxing environment, attention to detail, and open communication ensures you are comfortable and well-informed during any procedure while receiving the best dental care in Gresham, OR.  Welcome to Hood View Dental!