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  • The very best way to make a first impression is with a great looking smile.  The extensive knowledge at Hood View Dental, from years of cosmetic dentistry experience, is unsurpassable.  Trust our Gresham dentist and team to transform your smile into one that creates a lasting impression. New smiles build confidence and self-esteem so that you can take on life and succeed.

    The great benefit of cosmetic dentistry is not only a beautiful smile, but an improvement of your oral health.  Cosmetic dentistry enhances the aesthetic appearance of a smile, while simultaneously correcting issues that may be affecting your oral health.  A corrected bite relieves stress on teeth and joints, dental bonds reduce areas where decay can hide, and crowns can strengthen already weakened teeth while looking like your natural smile.

    In addition to improving oral health, cosmetic dentistry has some amazing positive outcomes that you can take advantage of including:

    Improved Mood   

    When you are proud of your smile, you are more likely to show it off.  Various studies have been conducted to assess mood, behavior, and smiling.  Scientific American printed an article that attests to how smiling improves your mood and the mood of others.  Smiling also can decrease the level of pain you feel. Bottom line: Frequently smiling improves how you and those around you feel!

    Friendly Environment

    Psychology Today reports that smiles are contagious.  The act of smiling influences the behavior of others and promotes their need to smile.  Those smiles, in turn, make them feel more welcome and happier thus creating a friendly environment for everyone in the vicinity.

    Better Relationships

    Cosmetic dentistry has the ability to transform a patient’s smile and leave them feeling rejuvenated.  The Motivation and Emotion journal showcased an article that found an association between larger smiles and stable marriages.  The bigger the smile, the stronger and longer lasting the relationships.

    Overall Heath

    A smile that looks good, works well, too!  A balanced bite and aligned smile alleviates undo stress and tension on your teeth, joints, bones, and gums, thus allowing it to better function.  When your mouth functions properly, your health improves. A mouth in good condition allows you to properly chew your food so that your body can absorb the nutrients it needs.

    If your teeth cause you pain, you are likely to avoid healthy foods that may be crunchy.  You might even eat faster than normal to work through the pain quickly. However, research performed by a University of Rhode Island professor showed that people consumed fewer calories when they ate at a slower pace.  Eating slowly gives your body time to process and digest food so that you feel full before you overeat.

    Increased Longevity

    Our Gresham dentist cosmetic dentistry services can help you feel confident so you’ll take pride in your smile.  A Wayne State University professor conducted a study regarding smiles in pictures. The findings resulted in the theory that the intensity of a smile correlated to lifespans.  That is, people who had a bolder smile were reported to have lived longer than people in the pictures who hid their smile, or had no smile at all.


    Professors at University of California, Berkley found during an experiment that women who had strong expressions and smiles were more successful in their life’s endeavors than others.  The professors analyzed pictures of these women and followed them for a period of time to discover how they were progressing through life. The women who gave off positive expressions in the pictures reported a focused, goal-oriented, and organized successful life.  Those who exuded negative emotions reported less success and sense of accomplishment.

    A Great Appearance and First Impression

    The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give patients a beautiful smile.  Eliminate the need to hide your smile and visit with our Gresham dentist to determine how you can benefit from a new, gorgeous smile.  We have a variety of services that will improve your oral health, your overall health, and instill the confidence you need to succeed in life.

    Our family at Hood View Dental is ready to help you begin your smile transformation.  You deserve to have a fantastic smile so matter what stage you’re at in life. Call our Gresham office at (503) 328-6388 to schedule a consultation.  In a matter of minutes we can start discussing what you want your smile to say about you, and look at the ways in which we can accomplish your smile goals.  

    Our Gresham, OR dental office is conveniently located to service any patients in Fairview, Troutdale, Damascus, and Gresham.  We look forward to seeing you soon and can’t wait to help you get the smile of your dreams.

    Call us today!  Your new smile awaits!