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  • The purpose of restorative dentistry in Gresham, OR is to bring the mouth back to its full functionality.  Though preventive dentistry works to prevent oral issues, sometimes problems still occur. When this happens, restorative dentistry procedures are necessary in order to correct the issue.  

    At Hood View Dental, we first look to the cause of the issue.  Genetics, an accident, an illness, or medication can cause a number of problems with oral health.  We look to the underlying issues in order to properly restore the tooth, gums, or bones so that your smile is repaired and your oral health brought back to a good condition.  We look to your lifestyle, health, nutritional and hygiene habits while diagnosing your needs. Our all-encompassing approach allows us to see the entire health picture so that we can care for you in a way that’s right for you.

    After we’ve reviewed your oral health history and you’ve had a professional dental exam, we’ll discuss your situation with you.  Patient education is important to understanding how your oral health issues are affecting you, the risk factors, and the benefits of restoring your health.  Only then, will we proceed in treating your case. We want our Gresham dentist patients to be confident that their health comes first and foremost.

    If you are ready to restore your smile, give us a call at Hood View Dental.  We are conveniently located for the families of Gresham, OR and surrounding communities.  Call us at (503) 328-6388 to schedule your appointment with our exceptional team today. We look forward to making your smile look great!