• Dentistry For Children

  • Gresham families and their surrounding community members have trusted Hood View Dental and our Gresham dentist with their oral health for years.  Establishing good oral hygiene at an early age is essential to children’s’ oral health. Start your family’s oral health out strong by introducing them to proper habits.  Their smile and oral health will benefit from the right care for their entire life.

    The importance of baby teeth

    As baby teeth emerge your child is developing life skills such as eating, chewing, speaking, and oral hygiene.  Primary teeth set the stage for how the mouth will function and for proper care. Teaching children proper hygiene skills from the onset helps them develop an appreciation for their health and smile.  Additionally, you are helping them develop fine motor skills that will grow with them as they age.

    Children will lose their primary teeth as they get older.  However, the oral hygiene habits they possess before their adult teeth grow in actually plays an important role in how their permanent teeth will come in.  Tooth decay on primary teeth can affect permanent teeth. A mouth laden with bacteria, decay, and infection can spread illness into the bone structure, cause pain, and affect the health of permanent teeth.

    Do I care for baby teeth like adult teeth?

    Oral hygiene habits should begin as soon as your child is born.  A soft cloth can gently wipe bacteria away from gums until their first tooth emerges.  A soft brush then replaces the cloth once teeth begin to erupt. Ridding the mouth of bacteria and plaque ensures your child’s oral and overall health is always in great condition.

    Our Gresham dentist recommends that young children visit our office around the time their first tooth emerges.  The benefit of introducing your children to our team and office at an early age helps make them feel comfortable and at ease with future visits to Hood View Dental.

    As with permanent teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed twice a day.  Flossing should begin as soon as two teeth have emerged next to each other.  Parents need to direct oral hygiene and brush and floss their children’s teeth until they can properly care for their own teeth.  Toddlers and older children may want to brush and floss their own teeth, which is great. Our Gresham dentist recommends giving them the chance to try it on their own as it teaches them skills they’ll need in life for healthy oral hygiene.  Just make sure, as the parent, that you follow up their work with proper brushing and flossing.

    Can my child have dental problems?

    Tooth decay, bacteria growth, and other issues can affect your child’s teeth very early on in their life.  Poor hygiene can affect the health of permanent teeth. Untreated cavities can spread decay into teeth’s roots and spread disease into the oral cavity and body.

    Better chances exist in preventing oral complications in the future when oral hygiene and regular dental appointments begin at an early age in your child’s life.  With great oral care your child can have a beautiful smile and avoid oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

    Preventive care for children

    Regular visits to our Gresham dentist office are necessary in order to keep your child’s oral health in check.  Beginning as soon as the first tooth emerges, your child should have 6-month appointments. As more baby teeth emerge, we will provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants in order to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities.

    Preparing your son or daughter for their first visit

    Children take their social cues from their parents and guardians.  Their approach to the dentist is no different. Our team at Hood View Dental is trained at providing an enjoyable, fun environment for children regardless of their age.  From their first visit we set the stage for their oral health success. Refrain from letting your own fear of the dentist interfere with their expectations. A positive reaction to the dentist will create a memory for your child that will encourage proper health and nutrition for the rest of their life.

    Our office is a welcoming place designed with your families in mind.  We are located in Gresham, OR; a convenient office for families in Troutdale, Damascus, Fairview, and Portland as well.  Call us at (503) 328-6388 if you questions about your children’s oral health or to schedule an appointment.