• How Do Dentures Work?

  • While most people think of a complete set of fake teeth when they think of dentures, did you know you can also get partial dentures? Dentures consist of fabricated teeth that are adhered to a base. That base and teeth are specially crafted for the patient to fit nicely in the mouth and look just like real teeth and gums. Partial dentures only consist of a few fake teeth while complete dentures have a full jaw’s worth of teeth. 

    How Do Dentures Stay in the Mouth? 

    Different types of dentures will stay in the mouth in different ways. 

    Conventional complete dentures can stay in the mouth via suction and sometimes special glue or denture paste. 

    Implant-supported complete dentures are similar to conventional ones, except they are held in the mouth by posts or implants. These keep the dentures in place and reduce the risk of them coming loose and losing them. 

    Partial dentures only replace a few missing teeth, so they stay in the mouth in a similar way to how a dental bridge stays put. There is a framework that supports partial dentures by attaching them to neighboring teeth to keep them in place. 

    How Strong Are Dentures?

    All types of dentures are made to emulate real teeth and gums. With that being said, they can still crack and shatter if not handled properly – just as real teeth can be damaged. It is important to be careful when removing dentures. If they are dropped on a hard surface they can break or chip. And if they are left out they can dry out and become misshapen and be prone to cracks or breaking. It is best to store them in tepid water when not in the mouth. They should also be kept in a safe place where they don’t risk being knocked over or tampered with by kids or pets. 

    How Do You Clean Denture? 

    Believe it or not, dentures need to be cleaned of plaque and bacteria just like natural teeth. Hot water should be avoided when cleaning or storing dentures as the heat can warp them. To clean them, use ADA-recommended denture cleaner and a soft-bristled brush. Before re-inserting them in your mouth, be sure to rinse them with cool water. 

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