• Bonding

  • A slight gap between teeth, a chipped tooth, or a pesky stain that won’t go away are all reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry and bonding.

    Hood View Dental can provide dental bonding in as little as a single visit to patients from Fairview, Troutdale, Portland, Gresham, Damascus, and their surrounding communities.

    What is bonding?

    Bonding is the act of fusing one material to another.  In the dental industry, bonding material is a composite resin and the surface of your tooth.  The resin is colored to match you existing enamel and applied to a prepared tooth. The resin is shaped carefully by our Gresham dentist and then hardened using a chemical process or light.

    Why should I get bonds?

    Bonds are great solutions to permanently stained teeth that resist teeth whitening procedures.  Bonds also repair small chips in teeth or a gap between your teeth.

    Hood View Dental has years of experience skillfully applying and crafting bonds to improve smiles.  Bonding protects teeth from additional damage and decay, as well. Talk with our Gresham dentist today about how bonds can help your oral health.

    How do I care for dental bonds?

    Care for a bonded tooth is no different than caring for your regular teeth.  For best results, brush twice and floss at least once daily. Talk with our Gresham dentist about your unique treatment plan in case extra precautions or cleanings are necessary.  Dr. Reichlein and our team will discuss the following:

    Regular Checkups:  Bi-annual dental exams ensure the bond is holding and functioning as expected.  We look for premature wearing down of enamel and ensure the tooth or teeth are strong and healthy.  A weak tooth can compromise the overall health of your mouth.

    Oral Hygiene:  Proper oral hygiene routines decrease the risk of cavities around the bond.  Use ADA recommended oral hygiene products so your teeth and bond receive the best care.

    Diet:   Foods that stain natural teeth will also discolor your dental bonds.  Avoid dark liquids and staining foods. Drink plenty of water to rinse foods and sugary drinks from your mouth when a toothbrush is not readily available.

    If you think dental bonding is right for you, give our Gresham, OR dentist office a call at (503) 328-6388.  Our professionals at Hood View Dental will help you schedule an appointment convenient for your schedule.