• Complete And Partial Dentures

  • Functionality can be restored to your mouth and smile regardless of missing teeth.  Whether some teeth or all of your teeth are damaged or missing, partial or complete dentures can help.

    Luckily, our convenient Gresham, OR location makes it easy to get help and access a dentist who is well-skilled in the area of cosmetic dentistry and dentures.

    What are dentures?

    Dentures are synthetic teeth which are fixed to a base and inserted into the mouth.  They are designed to closely match the natural look and feel of your gums and teeth. If bone loss and your oral health stand in the way of your new smile, dentures might be the right choice for you.

    Are there different types of dentures?

    Generally, there are complete dentures and partial dentures.  Each patient has a unique mouth and a unique situation. Determining what type of dentures you need is a decision you and our Gresham dentist will make together.  

    Conventional Complete Dentures

    These types of dentures encompass your whole mouth.  They consist of a lower and upper apparatus that is fitted to your gums.    Illness, decay, improper dental hygiene, and accidents are just a few of the reasons complete dentures are needed.  All of your original teeth must be removed for these dentures. Typically, you’ll have any remaining teeth removed before the dentures are placed.  

    The upper denture apparatus fits along your upper gums and covers the roof of your mouth.  The lower dentures stay in place with the help of your cheeks and tongue while fitted over your gums.

    Implant-Supported Complete Dentures

    Implant-supported complete dentures are similar to the conventional style, with the exception as to how they are held in place.  With this style, the dentures are held in place by implants, or posts. The benefit to this style is that you have less risk in losing the dentures while speaking.  As with conventional complete dentures, should teeth need to be removed prior to wearing dentures; our Gresham dentist will wait for your gums to heal from any tooth extractions before proceeding.  

    Immediate Dentures

    As the name suggests, immediate dentures are immediate.  There is no need to wait for healing gums if a tooth is removed.  Immediate dentures are good as a temporary solution to partial and sometimes complete dentures, or if your oral health is at risk with missing teeth.  

    Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures are similar to a dental bridge.  They replace a few missing teeth rather than all teeth as complete dentures do.  Partial dentures incorporate framework that helps the denture attach to neighboring teeth in order to keep the synthetic teeth in place.

    Caring for dentures

    In order for your dentures to keep looking great and functioning properly, there are a few things to note:

    Handle carefully and delicately

    Dentures should always be handled carefully.  If removing, place a towel on the area below you so they don’t drop and break on a hard surface.  

    Store properly

    When dentures are not in your mouth, they should be stored in water so that they don’t dry out which would cause them to lose shape or break more easily.  Keep dentures away from where they can be knocked to the floor, or handled by children or pets.

    Thoroughly clean

    Dentures need to be cleaned of bacteria and plaque just as normal teeth do.  Never use hot water, to store or clean them. Use, instead, a special, soft brush and an ADA recommended denture cleaner and cool water.  Always rinse your dentures before inserting them back into your mouth so that food particles are washed away as well as any chemicals from cleaners.

    Talk with our Gresham dentist about the proper way to clean your dentures so that they are protected and last.  Regular toothpastes should be avoided as they can scratch the material making them look less natural.


    Avoid foods that will damage the dentures or cause them to stain.  Eat nutritious foods that are good for your bones and oral health as well as the rest of your body.   Proper nutrition aids in oral health and keeps your gums and bones and teeth in good working order.

    Dental visits

    As with any of our cosmetic dentistry services, we recommend a visit to our Gresham dentist every 6 months.  Besides a cleaning and professional exam, we can adjust any problems in a timely manner that occurs with your dentures.

    Do I need dentures?

    Missing teeth affect not only your appearance but also the functionality of your mouth and facial structures.  Make an appointment with our team at Hood View Dental so that you can talk with us about your options.

    Our team at Hood View Dental cares about your comfort and oral health.  We’re excited to work with you to help you get the beautiful smile you deserve whether through dentures or any one of our great services.