• Digital X-Rays

  • Even if symptoms aren’t showing, more may be going on with your oral health than you know.  Digital X-Rays are used to see below the surface and to provide an in depth diagnosis before your oral health becomes compromised.  

    Our staff at Hood View Dental is specially trained at using our state of the art X-Ray technology.  We practice safety and comfort and have successful garnered great X-Ray images for our patients of the Gresham area for years.  

    Why are X-Rays used in dentistry?

    Digital X-Rays create black and white images of your teeth and bones.  The results of these images help our Gresham dentist see areas of your oral cavity that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  X-Rays allow us to see and correct issues with your bones, teeth, and roots before they get out of hand and result in more time consuming and costly procedures.

    Why are X-Rays Necessary?

    X-Rays are used for many reasons with the most common ones being to:

    Establish a medical history – New and current patients need X-Rays in their file so that we can use them as a baseline in case future oral health issues arise.

    Uncover health issues - Digital images can pick up much more than the human eye.  X-Rays are part of our preventive dentistry services to we can eliminate threats to your oral health.

    Diagnose disease and oral health problems – The early detection capabilities offered by X-Rays help our team keep you healthy by uncovering infections, tooth decay, cavities, and periodontal disease.

    If you need digital X-ray images taken, call our Gresham dentist office at (503) 328-6388 to set up an appointment. Let Hood View Dental show you why patients come back to us year after year.  Proper care and preventive maintenance of your oral health is our top priority!