• Fluoride Treatments

  • One of the best preventive dentistry treatments for your teeth is a fluoride treatment.  Fluoride is known for preventing cavities and tooth decay, while strengthening tooth enamel.  Fluoride is found in small amounts in water supplies, foods, and supplements, but for the best results, visit our Gresham dentist office.

    Hood View Dental administers fluoride treatments topically and serves the families of Gresham, Troutdale, Damascus, and all of their surrounding areas.

    How does fluoride help teeth?

    Fluoride strengthens the enamel on your teeth from the moment they first emerge.  The benefit of fluoride is that the stronger your enamel, the easier it is for you to fight tooth decay.

    Once teeth have emerged in children, fluoride helps the teeth remineralize, thus strengthen tooth enamel.  At Hood View Dental, we recommend using dental products that contain fluoride as well as a professional fluoride treatment from time to time.  Fluoride can be obtained in the foods we eat and water we drink, but their small levels aren’t always as productive as the care you can get from our Gresham dentist.

    Why should I get a fluoride treatment?

    Professional fluoride treatments are one of the best ways to fight cavities.  The act of creating stronger enamel with fluoride helps fight off decay and in turn, cavities.  Everyone is susceptible to cavities, some more than others. Cavities are a result of:

    • Decay
    • Genetics
    • Nutritional habits
    • Oral hygiene habits
    • Old fillings
    • Gingivitis
    • Dry mouth
    • Tooth enamel deficit
    • Bacteria
    • Alcohol use
    • Drug abuse

    If you are prone to tooth decay, talk with us at Hood View Dental about our fluoride treatment procedure.  In a single visit you can take steps to preventing additional cavities and improving your oral health.

    Caring for fluoride treated teeth

    Though fluoride works to prevent tooth decay, it is imperative to continue a good oral hygiene routine along with regular visits to our Gresham dentist office for routine care.  Fluoride treatments, that are regularly applied, keep your teeth and enamel strong and fights bacteria and plaque that cause cavities. A healthy diet that promotes bone and soft tissue health, along with plenty of water will keep your oral health in great condition year after year.

    Let our team at Hood View Dental work with you to stop tooth decay while keeping your smile looking fantastic!