• Intraoral Cameras

  • Advancements in dental technology have provided our industry with great tools that make dental procedures painless and efficient.  One such device of advanced technology is our intraoral camera. At Hood View Dental, we proudly use our intraoral camera to give our patients the best in dental care.  

    What is an intraoral camera?

    An intraoral camera detects the smallest details and abnormalities which were once undetectable until they grew in size or became painful.  With our camera we receive real-time oral images of your mouth as we examine your oral cavity. It provides an early diagnosis for cavities, weakened or fractured teeth, and other defects that the naked eye can’t see.

    The advantages of using an intraoral camera


    Immediate results

    The intraoral camera allows patients to see what the dentist sees during your exam.  At the same time, the cameras can enlarge difficult to reach areas. The bright light and components of the camera offer a precision that is incomparable.  


    With the intraoral camera, instant pictures can be captured and saved, then emailed to appropriate specialists for immediate consultation availability.


    The fine details that our Gresham dentist receives from intraoral camera images allow our team to make a treatment plant for your unique needs and health.