• Oral Cancer Screening

  • Every dental exam at Hood View Dental includes screening for oral cancer.  This preventive dentistry measure allows our Gresham dentist to identify any abnormalities or irregularities in your oral cavity.

    For years our Fairview, Gresham, Portland, Damascus, and Troutdale patients and families have trusted us with their oral health care.  Join our family for the best dental care in Gresham, OR and surrounding areas so you can prevent oral health problems from occurring.

    What does oral cancer screening entail?

    Oral cancer screening is a part of every one of our dental exams at Hood View Dental.  It is a quick and painless exam of the following areas:

    • Tongue
    • Throat
    • Roof of mouth
    • Floor of mouth
    • Face
    • Soft Tissues
    • Jaw
    • Lips
    • Neck

    Should our Gresham dentist find any irregularities, further testing may be recommended or you may be referred to a specialist.  We work with many top professionals in the industry so that your health is in the best hands.

    When should I have an oral cancer screening?

    Regular dental exams, every six months, are essential for continued oral health.  At Hood View Dental, we perform a screening for oral cancer during every examination.  This way, we can catch any unusual findings before they advance.

    Oral Cancer has a high mortality rate, not because it is a fast moving cancer, but because people don’t visit the dentist like they should.  When oral cancer is caught early, it is very easy to treat. Don’t wait until you show signs or symptoms of a problem, you can save your life by visiting the dentist regularly.