• Root Canal Therapy

  • Despite even the best brushing and flossing habits, a cavity can still find a home in your mouth.  Filling a cavity is a simple procedure and requires little more than removing the decay and sealing the affected area with an amalgam or composite resin filling.   If the cavity gets too deep, however, you may need a root canal procedure.

    At Hood View dental we practice with your comfort in mind.  Root canals are performed in a calming environment and virtually pain-free.  We utilize the most advanced dental technology in order to make each procedure as free of pain as possible and our root canals are no different.

    What is a root canal?

    The inside of a tooth is made up of small canals that house the nerves of your teeth as well as the dentin and pulp.  When a cavity on the surface of the tooth begins to eat into these soft areas of the tooth, it can be a very painful experience.  A root canal procedure removes the decay from these small areas and then seals the tooth so that decay doesn’t continue to grow.

    Our Gresham dentist at Hood View Dental uses X-rays and digital imaging to determine if a root canal is the right procedure for you.  As with any of our services, we’ll walk you through the procedure so you understand how we’ll treat the area and restore the tooth back to good health.  Should you have any questions, you are welcome to call our office at (503) 328-6388.