• Rotary Endodontics

  • We at Hood View Dental are proud to offer a comfortable approach to our root canal procedures.   Our Gresham dentist uses rotary endodontic technology so that our patients have a painless experience in a fraction of the time as traditional root canals.

    Rotary endodontics refers to the tools used in endodontic procedures.  These tools replace the old manual files that were once used and replace them with an electrically powered instrument made of nickel titanium.  Where traditional tools are made with stainless steel and other metals, the nickel titanium is a highly flexible, yet strong material that allows our dentist to perform movements that couldn’t be done until now.  These tools are inserted into a curved root canal without stretching or damaging the passageway. These exceptional tools allow our Gresham dentist to perform a more reliable procedure in a more efficient manner.

    Rotary Endodontics Advantages

    Hood View Dental utilizes rotary endodontics for a variety of reasons.  The benefits for our patients include:

    • A more precise, thus pain-free approach
    • Reliable tools for efficient procedures
    • A quieter experience with less noise

    Root canals should no longer be thought of as a feared procedure.  With the advances in technology and our rotary endodontic tools, you’ll have a quick, painless experience and be able to retain your great smile.

    To find out additional information about rotary endodontics or to see if they will work for your root canal procedure, contact our office today at (503) 328-6388.