• Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Hood View Dental. Everyone is very nice and friendly. Had to have crown preparation today which meant a couple of shots to numb tooth. Technician really knew how to give a shot. Didn't even pinch. Doctor and staff all excellent. Never have had any kind of problems. I can say (almost) a pleasure to go to dentist.

    Janice P.

  • I know. How can I give a dentist a 5? We all have to go to the dentist, right. So why not go to one that leaves you smiling when done, even if it is a tad droopy on one side. Vicki and her staff become family very quickly. I’ve been to a few dentists in my time and this is the best experience, visit after visit, that I have ever had. The staff is very good at their craft, and Vicki keeps the office humming with her humor. You can’t help but find it catching. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be this enjoyable, but it is at Hood View Dental.

    David S.

  • Dr. Reichlein is great! When I go into the office to see her I feel like I’m being treated like a real person by a real person, not the cold dentist treatment that I’m used to. She and the rest of the staff are friendly and competent. Highly recommend.

    Travis Y.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Reichlein (Dr. Vicki) for many years (10+). I have extreme anxiety when it comes to dental anything. She and her staff are very patient with me and work to allay those fears. Every. Single. Time. She and her staff have great senses of humor and an immense amount of professional knowledge. They seem to be able to switch from humorous to extremely professional at the drop of a hat. They make me comfortable with the humor and the ability to be very knowledgeable at the same time. They manage to give an excellent level of care without being uptight. I definitely recommend Dr. Vicki and her staff to take care of all your dental needs!

    Dannette F.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Reichlein and her staff for many years. Their new clinic is beautiful. I have never found it difficult to get an appointment, even on short notice. Billing is easy. I like seeing the diversity of patients they serve. I feel good going to a provider that is always engaged in continuing education in order to stay current on the latest techniques and procedures. I find it refreshing to see employees stay for years with the same employer, such as Kari and April have done. It’s the sign of a good business leader. Dr. Reichlein provides dentistry with good humor, and that’s something we all need when going to the dentist. I highly recommend Hood View Dental.

    Joan S.

  • My family has had a great first visit with Dr Reichlein and team. I'd scheduled all three of my kids into a morning visit, and they got us all cleaned up and out of there in an hour and a half. I was so grateful!

    The staff was friendly while we'd waited, and even followed up with us after the visit to make sure we had no complaints. We'll definitely be going back for the rest of the family.

    Brook B.

  • My husband and I love Dr. Reichlein's office. In general, dentistry is not our favorite subject. This office is relaxed and everyone is friendly. Appointments are handled timely and professionally. She has done quite a bit of work for the two of us and we have had no complaints. The work is well done with attention to detail and she strives to make her patients comfortable and confident. I am so glad I stumbled into her office for an emergency in 2007. I had called numerous dentists and could find no one else to see me. We have been seeing her ever since.

    Janet C.