• Veneers

  • A great way to improve the appearance of your smile is through veneers.   At Hood View Dental we custom craft your veneers for a seamless fit that looks like your normal teeth.

    We see people from the Gresham, Damascus, Portland, Troutdale, and Fairview areas.  Our patients know their oral health is in the best hands when it comes to veneers and their smile.

    What are veneers?

    Veneers are a thin layer of material that covers the front surface of the tooth.  They are commonly made from composite resin or porcelain and are used in covering up:

    • Gaps between teeth
    • Stained teeth
    • Cracked teeth
    • Chipped teeth

    Porcelain and Composite Resin Veneers

    Porcelain veneers and composite resin veneers are both wonderful solutions for cosmetic changes to your smile.  The differences between the two are minor, and our Gresham dentist can advise you on each. A few of the things we’ll discuss include:

    Procedure:  Porcelain veneers are typically made in a dental lab.  Your teeth will be prepared for the veneer application, and may require a little removal of existing enamel so that your veneers blend naturally in with the surface of your other teeth and bite.  Composite resin veneers are sculpted in the office and thus can often be done in a single visit.

    Strength:  Porcelain veneers are a bit stronger than composite resin.  However, composite resin veneers can be repaired much easier than porcelain ones.  

    Longevity:  Veneers last a long time when properly cared for.  Porcelain veneers tend to last longer as they are more durable, though composite resin veneers are favorable because they have a more comfortable fit and take less time to repair.

    How to care for veneers

    Once our Gresham dentist has placed your veneers, continued oral hygiene is necessary to ensure they last as long as possible.  Attention to your diet oral hygiene is essential to the success of your veneers.


    Veneers are very similar to your regular tooth enamel in that they can chip and crack, and even stain.  Treat them like you would your regular teeth. Avoid chewing on objects like pen caps as well as hard items such as nuts, ice, and candies.  Refrain from eating and drinking foods that are known to stain teeth, as stained veneers defeat the purpose of your dental procedure.

    Oral Hygiene

    Brushing twice each day, every day and flossing will keep your veneers looking their best.  Talk with our Gresham dentist about approved products that are best for your veneers.

    Dental Exams

    In addition to a professional cleaning and dental exam, our dentist uses your 6-month checkup to examine your veneers for any vulnerable areas, chips, and alignment issues.  When veneers are well cared for, they last longer and keep your smile looking great.

    Are veneers right for me?

    Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry service at Hood View Dental that focuses on restoring the appearance of your smile.  If you’re ready to get your smile back to the way it once was, give our office a call. We can discuss how veneers can help your smile as well as other procedures that may be just as effective.  

    Schedule a consultation appointment by call (503) 328-6388 or ask about veneers at your next appointment.  We love helping our patients get their smiles to look how they’ve always wanted them to look.