• White Composite Fillings

  • When a tooth is affected by decay, the decay needs to be removed and the area filled in order to rebuild the tooth and protect it from additional decay.  A filling is the substance used to fill a cavity and is made up of metal alloys or white composite resin.

    What are composite fillings?

    A composite filling is an enamel, or tooth-colored substance that is used to fill a cavity in a tooth.  Amalgam or silver fillings serve the same purpose but are more recognizable hence altering the look of your smile.  Composites generally use ceramic or plastic compounds in their make-up.

    Are composite fillings right for me?

    White composite fillings are the perfect alternative to silver or even gold fillings when you prefer your cavities to not be seen.  From a cosmetic standpoint, composites are the best option to preserving your beautiful smile. They blend in with the look of your natural teeth so that people notice your smile, and not your treated cavity.

    There are plenty of opinions when it comes to amalgam fillings and composites.  Talk with our Gresham dentist before you proceed so that you understand the pros and cons and feel comfortable with your decision.  

    Caring for your composite fillings

    To reduce the need for additional fillings, proper care must be taken to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen.  

    Oral Hygiene

    Brush your teeth with an American Dental Association recommended toothpaste twice each day and floss daily so that bacteria and plaque between teeth is removed.  A clean, healthy mouth is the best protection against the need for more fillings.


    A good diet that is balanced and nutritious plays an important role in oral health.  Hydration promotes healthy gums and helps rinse foods and sugars off of teeth until brushing is possible.  Foods rich in vitamins and minerals help keep teeth and bones healthy, as well.

    Regular Dental Exams

    Dental exams every 6 months allows our Gresham dentist and hygienist to spot potential cavities and decay before they become a problem.  By keeping regular appointments, you’ll reduce and possibly eliminate the need for a filling.

    Every member of our family at Hood View Dental is focused on providing you with the best oral care.  We are more than happy to help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. For more information, give our office a call to schedule a consultation.